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Paul Ryan
  Speaker Defends President Hes New at Government  CSPAN  June 8, 2017 7:41pm-8:01pm EDT

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called the world of the web. the web of criminal networks including terrorist and also drug traffickers. the world of business which is increasingly big network supply chains. global corporations in the world of nongovernmental organizations. i think of all of those as web actors, but we don't have strategies for how to bring them together. >> watch afterwards saturday night. >> kevin mccarthy talk to reporters about the republican agenda. that measure passed the house this afternoon. they also talked about the senate hearing with james comey which will show in its entirety in about 20 minutes. >> were here,.
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[inaudible] >> we thought there something going on around here we thought we would mix things up. the majority leader is here to give you an overview of what the house will be working on in the coming weeks, everyday we are making progress on our agenda for the country. we can walk and chew gum at the same time. that agenda is about solving problems that americans face in their everyday lives. it's about delivering relief about overreach and regulation. that is why today will have to act on the jobs bill to revitalize drops on main street.
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under dodd frank we're losing approximately one community bank per day. for people come from areas like we do, small and medium-sized towns, small businesses, they don't get their money from j.p. morgan. they get their money, their credit from community banks. if community banks seizing up and going out of business them in small businesses are not expanding. that's a serious issue. that's why we need to bring relief. when a bank struggles has to stop offering basic services to stay afloat. that's why the financial choice act is coming to the floor today. means really for small businesses and the workers they hire customers they serve. the beginning of the is a month of action to address the problems americans face in their everyday lives. i will turn it over to the majority leader. >> i thank you for inviting me. since nothing else is happening
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in washington this will be a packed crowd. that was a joke. thought i would give you slideshow. the speaker talked about the productivity of this congress. a lot of times people measured by 100 days. we are now in the hundred 39th day. this statistic i give you will not be from what we did today but from yesterday. you take into the president, the house of the number of bills passed, if you look at the hundred and first congress with hw bush at this time they had 41 bills passed. go to the 103rd congress under bill clinton, there were 60 bills passed. then, under george bush they have 67 bills and under president obama the hundred
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11th congress they are able to pass 131, the average is 91. 115 congress me a pastor hundred 58 bills. . . also, we wanted to show you a preview of what is coming in the next two weeks. i just left secretary of the va. we were talking about i.t. for the virginia and also discussing the challenges that he had to turn this agency around. one thing that would help him
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greatly is a bill that we will take up next tuesday, the va accountability act. this will actually hold va employees accountability and proctthe whistleblowers and better compare for the veterans. when you look at the size of the agency of what we have, here it is, the secretary tells me stories. he has hundreds and thousands of great employees but a few bad ones, and as you know, few bad apples can destroy the entire agency. he has people in there that get arrested and they get time off to serve and come back to work. tells me other stories of -- made public of a psychiatrist watching things he should never be watching as he is interviewing a veteran. the veteran films. secretary is a the person should be fired but does not allow him to fire even though he is watching something that other people would be fired for. we need to hold the vair
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accountable as any other sector and we're holding the secretary back from doing that job. this bill would be able to move forward directly to the president. as we talked before about the three different phases when it comes to health care, we continue to move that third phase, these are bills that will take 60 votes that have moved out of commitee. one this veterans act by -- and then the bill dealing with cobra. that's will pass next week. then looking forward to the week after that, this is just an ap headline just this week. the job data can shall shortage of qualified workers to hire. when we look at the future the work force is wind most challenging things we look at, the continue you change that we have the work force we need and statistic show there's going to be a fundamental change. so we have the strengthening career and technical education for the 21st century.
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as the speaker said we can walk and chew gum at the same time and deal with the issues mos important to the american public. i'll leave it to him to answer the questions. >> any questions? >> with the -- your agenda you lay out here, what about the individual appropriations will, the debt ceiling, and are you concern that when speaker boehner was here he had criticism from the freedom caucus that's glommed these things together and you made a on it. do you feel you can get s-f you don't make progress on those. >> no. we're having good healthy conversation witches the -- we are having planning conferences and talk about a specific issue in an for instance. -- in conference in a new presidency -- andy taylor know this -- come on.
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relax, andy. what the budget -- i know. looking at me. what budget reporterred can tell you is the first year of an administration, all results in abbreviated budgeting process. you combine that with the fact that our appropriations bill, the cr, expired april 28th and th gives us a more constricted budget process. so we always knew would have an abbreviated budgeting process in the first career like every new administration. we're trying to figure out the best way to deal with our appropriations process, our budget process, given the ambition, tax ereform and vacations and the constricted timetable. we're having a long conversation with members how to do that and that's the kind of conversation i encourage and that's why we have planning conferences.
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>> do you believe as a practical matter, given all you need do between now and august, that you would be able to assemble and enact a pack only of spending cuts with the debt him. >> yes, that can be achieved. the question is, can we assemble the vote coalition and the ability to do that. we're not taking any options off the table. we're having the kind of conversation with our members about what is the best way to proceed and how can we address theosophies sal -- these fiscal deadlines. budget caps to fix defense, debt limitment can with assembly a package before august? sure. do we have to before august? no. but that's the kind of thing we're having a good conversation with members on. rachel. >> first off, are you watching the hearing? if so do disk. >> , i haven't. i didn't clear my schedule for a hearing in the senate today. not that i don't take it serious
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limit do i read the testimony last night but i didn't clear my schedule. i've been busy doing other things. >> can i follow up real quick. want to get your take on this. >> want me to do a real-time response, not going to do that. >> he took notes because he felt the president might lie about their actions and when the president asked him to drop the flynn probe, flynn was under criminal investigation and he took that as a directive. the toughest response you have begin on this was last night you felt a loyalty pledge was appropriate. if this was a democratic president you poo be calling for impeachment. >> i don't think we, would actually. don't think that's at all the case. first, i think people now realize why the president is so frustrated. when the fbi director tells him on three different occasions he is not under investigation, yet
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the speculations swirls around the political system that he is, that's frustrating. of course the president is frustrated and i think the people now know why he was so frustrated, because this speculation was allowed to swirl when he was being directly told by the fbi director he wasn't under investigation. as far as the conversations and all of that, i'm not going to speculate on any of this. i would just add that of course there needs to be a degree of independence between doj, fbi, and a white house, and a line of communications established. the president's new at this. he is new to government. and toso he probably wasn't steeped in the long-running protocol that step at the relationship when doj, fbi, and white house. he is knew to this in. we now know why the was a frustrated then the fib director told him three times there's no investigation of him yet the speculation was allowed to continue.
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so obviously we know now why he was frustrated. >> thank you. a couple weeks bag former directar brennan testified to the house intelligence committee he had briefed congressional leaders between august and september of last year on his mounting concerns about the russia tampering, interference with the election. what did you do about that? >> i'm not going comment about classified briefings. >> it wasn't a classified briefing inch the public session. >> i got a number of classified briefings. what we did in the fall -- we, the four leaders, on a bipartisan basis, send letters to the election administrators, tip cliff secretaries of state in the states, to give them head up to say you have to guard your election procedures from any potential election hacking. so, we were warned that russia was trying to meddle with our election. we knew that. we called them out for that.
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and we also tried to give heads up to the state election officials. >> when were you first aware that the fbi was in fact can -- in fact looking at members of the trump campaign. >> i'm not going to comment on classified briefings. it was all about russia and russia meddling in our election. not necessarily collusion with the americans but russia trying to met until our elected. mark. >> the va bill. no. get to that. real simple. i haven't been watching the hearings like you have not, but director comey twice accused the president of the united states of lying this morning. do you have any comment -- >> i think there will be a he said/he said thing on this and i won't comment. >> you have been in the oval office. any sense those were being taped. >> i have no idea about that.
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i thought you had your hand up, juan. >> i'm with the cnf news. >> your him inda, president trump's budget calls for prohibiting any funding in the labor and hhs, including title 10 money from going to planned parenthood. are you clear in making sure the bill points all funding including title 10 funding dish. >> two great progresses on the issue and the best place is because we don't want to have to good over a 6-0 vote threshold, is to reconcile this. this is in our reconciliation package so it's more important for us to deliver the result than to just have the issue and to deliver the result to stop fungible money going to finance abortions is through reconciliation and we gave the
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stays the authority to cut off title 10 funding. ii won't call you after blurting out. christina. >> do you find it appropriate that the president asked comey to drop the investigation -- >> i'm not going to comment on these. these are part of the ongoing investigations. i'm not going prejudge this stuff. what don't want to do is in the middle of house intelligence committee investigation, a senate intelligence committee investigation, now an independent counsel to discuss the day-to-day intrigue on these issues. >> mr. speaker, have a very incisesive health care question but i want to follow up -- >> is thunder incisesive hem hem question. >> you said the president is new at this, not steeped in long-running protocol. he has a staff and a white house counsel. why is that an acceptable -- >> i'm not saying it's acceptable. just my observation. >> not -- >> just my observation.
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>> be corrected or -- >> he is new at government and therefore i think he is learning as he goes, and he is -- you now know why he is frustrated because he was told nothing wrong her and he wants to get things done for the american people and deliver on reforms. that's the point i keep make, phil, which -- as i was sitting next to you yesterday, we're bringing the choice act to the floor today. we're repealing and replacing dodd-frank today. we have been working on the problems that american people are facing and delivering on the promises that we made in the campaign so we can improve their lives, and that is why the president is frustrated, because these are the questions being asked? while there's a lot of work to be done and he wants to commit -- wants to keep his commitments to the american people to fight for them that and that's what we're folk used up here. now your health care question. >> i'm interested how closely you're watching the details of the senate. they've been tossing -- where
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are you in terms of what could come back sneer go to conference? just pass whatever they do. >> i'll reserve jolt on whether we go to conference or not. just want them to pass a bill. look -- >> even if it largely disman towards changes what you did? >> well, reconciliation can only let you do so much so i'm not expecting massive changes because of the reconciliation rules. its took a long time for the -- just to tell us our bill confirmed? what had no faytleitys -- fatalities. we wrote the bill to conform with senate rules so it cannot be filibustered. so given this bill was wherein to conform with senate rule is don't think there will be a tremendous amount of change because it has to conform with the senate rules. thank you-everybody. appreciate it.
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>> this sunday, q & a in hite park, in at the franklin d. roosevelt library and museum. >> this library opened in unand he was still president of the united states. this was the northern oval office. he had an incredibly inquisitive time so there are 22,000 books, 914 in this book -- in this room alone. this room is almost identical to the way it was on the day that fdr died. nothing has changed. >> watch q & a from the franklin d. roosevelt presidential lie area and museum in hyde park, number. that's sunday, 8:00 eastern.
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>> tonight on c-span 2 former fbi director james comey testifying before the senate intelligence committee. presume speaking at the faith and freedom conference in washington, dc, and houston and human services secretary tom price testifying on the hhs budget. today former fbi director james comey testified before the senate intelligence committee as part of their investigation of russian interference in the 2016 elections. at the hearing he described meetings with president trump before his dismissal as fbi director in may. the open session portion of his